Property Line Disputes: Tree Disputes Between Neighbours

Published on Feb 21st, 2019

Property disputes between neighbours over trees tend to come up when: branches overhang a neighbouring property; leaves and rotten fruit fall into a neighbouring property from a neighbour's tree; or trees are growing too close to the fence line and damage the dividing fence and or the retaining wall.Each state in Australia has its own process for resolving these disputes. Western Australia has does not.


How 'Smart' are Smart Contracts?

Published on Apr 26th, 2018

Smart contracts are described as ‘smart’ because they execute the terms of a contract on the occurrence of an event. The terms of the contract are reduced to computer code and the contract program runs itself and execute the terms. 


Standard Terms and Conditions for Flying Drones

Published on Aug 10th, 2016

If Obama flew the drone in this picture in Australia for a commercial purpose, he would have to:

  • comply with the standard terms and conditions of operation;
  • be a certified drone pilot;
  • make sure the business conducting the drone operation was also certified; and
  • know the new drone laws estimated to arrive later this year.

Debt Recovery Litigation

Published on Jul 29th, 2016

Managing debt recovery is an essential part of any successful business. Most debt recovery litigation in Western Australia takes place in the Magistrates Court. For debt recovery to be commercial and profitable, it needs to be done efficiently. A lawyer who is experienced in debt recovery litigation can be worth their weight in gold to your business.


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