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Litigation + Dispute Resolution

litigation & dispute resolution

We take the most direct route to solving your legal problems or protecting your interests and will advise you on whether the result is likely to outweigh the cost. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in most of the courts and tribunals in Western Australia and New Zealand. We also have a wealth of experience in resolving legal disputes through alternative means to litigation, being negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration.

Commercial + Property Law

commercial & property law

We will give you clear and accurate legal advice on how to achieve your objectives and protect your business and property. We review, negotiate and advise on commercial contracts, including lease agreements, licenses, standard terms and conditions, guarantees, independent contractor agreements, loan agreements, sale and purchase of land agreements, property development agreements, property management agreements and many more.

Employment Law

employment law

We offer expert legal advice to employers and employees on employment law issues, including employment contracts, unfair dismissals, general protection claims, workplace disputes and investigations, performance management, equal employment opportunities and discrimination in the workplace.

Wills + Estates

Wills & Estates

60 percent of Australians do not have a valid Will. We can help you to prepare a Will so that your estate will go to the people you want to provide for, when you die. If you are a beneficiary under a Will, we can obtain probate or letters of administration (if the deceased died without a Will) promptly and at a reasonable cost to the estate. We also act for the estate and the party contesting the estate in disputes over Wills.

10 Highlights of 2016

  • Founded KD Legal in April on the strength of our client’s belief in what we do
  • Attracted 50 new (and some old) clients in 4 months
  • Settled a Supreme Court case against a mining company to the satisfaction of our client
  • Advised on and settled a longstanding dispute for a property developer
  • Commenced and settled an equal employment opportunities claim against a mining company
  • Resolved 20 employment law disputes and was reminded why we became lawyers in the process – for the privilege of helping people to solve their legal problems and maintain their self-respect
  • Gave a lot of contract law advice, being our first love alongside of litigation, to subcontractors, property developers, engineering and manufacturing companies, a dance company tour operator, etc.
  • Commenced an appeal under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act in the District Court
  • Undertook a workplace investigation and provided factual findings to our employer client in 1 day
  • Maintained Kerry Davis’ record of never meeting a client that she didn’t like in over 10 years of practice

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